Shit I wish I could say

1. I’m afraid you’ll leave me. What if you get tired of me or fed up with my mood swings? Questions and fears about you leaving me are always at the back of my mind, and I need frequent reassurance. 2. When I’m mad at you, I’m more mad at myself. I hate that I overreact […]

12 Rules for Tools 12/28/15

NEVER FUCKING TELL me what to do. Ask me to do something. (As will I) If you expect me to do something or behave a certain way, then expect your damn self to do the fucking same. (As will I) Don’t treat me like a fucking idiot. I’m not fucking stupid. If I was you […]

Usually I love coasters… 12/11/15

I can’t stand the fucking rollercoaster Constantly up and down  One min I feel like you love me then the next min you are going through my things and like trying to find things to possibly accuse me of doing. Then after your little song and dance of riddles and fucking round about ways of trying […]

…dear boyfriend 11/27/15

dripping wet with hate and blame shit between us has totally changed bitterness, no desire, and plenty of broken dreams clinging to all the little things that we still share together before we fucking break like the string holding on to the pieces of my broken heart i want you to just give in let […]

Letter to him 11/18/15

J, Thanks for leaving me and making me go to the dr alone.  I asked u not to talk to Mistie anymore. And you unblocked her and sent her a friend request. Guess that means me and sizzle can be friends on FaceBook huh? Smh. Your double standards aren’t gonna work for me.  You said […]

Let’s take it back to the beginning….11/16/15 

As I sit in my garage in the middle of the night taking pictures of shit I can sell, I think to myself how much more I can take. The last few weeks have been a mix of great and horrible, you know there’s no “gray area” with me. In the past few weeks I’ve […]

I knew this night would end badly…

I’ve never in my life loved someone who can make me feel so incredibly good about myself and then the next minute completely horrible. I don’t understand how people can act this way towards someone they love. Or I guess I should say “love”. Especially when it’s over shit that they ALREADY FUCKING KNEW! But […]